The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children® is a nonprofit organization focused on brightening the lives of children, youth, and families experiencing homelessness and other crises. It does this by creating and supporting Bright Spaces®; warm, safe, enriching spaces in homeless shelters and other agencies for children and youth to build caring relationships, heal from trauma through play, and experience the joy of childhood. The Foundation believes that it can make the world a better place by engaging Bright Horizons’ employees, clients, families, friends, and community partners to strengthen families, support its communities, share its knowledge, and encourage others to join in making a difference.

Bright Spaces® serve tens of thousands of children each year and are located in shelters in and around the country and Europe.

Investing in kettlebells4kids will directly impact how many children can be helped in your state. Donations will be used to support the Bright Spaces® program through the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children®.

  • $250-500 – Provides the PEACH (Physical and Emotional Awareness for Children who are Homeless) curriculum
  • $500-1,000 – Buys sports equipment (cart, balls, mats, hula hoops, jump ropes)
  • $5,000-10,000 – Refurbishes a “backyard” play area
  • $10,000-15,000 – Creates a new Bright Space

Our long-term goal is to bring our kettlebells4kids program in-shelter across our country to not only build physical strength, but improve emotional and social skills among kids in our country who need it most.