We believe fitness has the power to get homeless kids moving in a new direction. Funds support in-shelter active play and fitness equipment and programs to strengthen physical, social and emotional skills. To date, we have impacted nearly 3,000 homeless children living in over 30 states, with a mission of reaching all 50 states by 2020.


Money raised in your state, stays in your state! Individual donations made in each of the 50 states will support programs that help homeless children in those respective states.

kettlebells4kids identifies respected experts in the field of child and family homelessness who have long-standing relationships with shelter agency partners across our country. Since 2015, our primary partner is Bright Horizons Foundation for Children:

  • Through its Bright Spaces® program, the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children® serves tens of thousands of homeless children each year in Bright Spaces across our country.